Discover our new aerothermal project in Sotogrande: removal of gas to make way for aerothermal heating, air conditioning and hot water, and water treatment with descaling.

Currently, environmental awareness and the adoption of sustainable technologies are becoming an increasingly popular trend. Therefore, projects like the one we have recently carried out are an excellent way to contribute to the conservation of the planet and, in turn, offer efficient and economical solutions to customers.

Gas removal

In this sustainable technology and aerothermal project in Sotogrande, one of the highlights has been the removal of gas. This measure, in addition to being more ecological, allows for a reduction in energy consumption and therefore user costs. But what exactly does gas removal consist of?

Gas removal involves getting rid of heating and hot water systems that use natural gas or propane as fuel. To do this, sustainable technologies such as aerothermal heating are used.

What was our aerothermal project in Sotogrande?

Aerothermal heating is a system for heating and hot water that uses air as an energy source. It is a system that extracts energy from the outside air through a specific device and uses it to generate heat. In this way, significant energy savings and a significant reduction in the emission of polluting gases are achieved.

In addition, aerothermal heating is a system that can be used for both heating and cooling homes. In this way, comprehensive and tailored climate control is achieved.

In this aerothermal project in Sotogrande, we have also used air conditioning and water treatment systems. Air conditioning is an increasingly demanded technology due to the high temperatures recorded in Sotogrande and surrounding areas during the summer.

Air conditioning, water treatment, and descaling

In this case, a high-energy efficiency air conditioning system has been chosen.

On the other hand, water treatment is a fundamental aspect of any climate control project. In this case, a descaling system has been used to remove lime deposits from the water. In this way, the piping system is protected, and energy consumption is reduced by improving system efficiency.

In summary, the aerothermal project in Sotogrande that we have carried out is an excellent example of how the adoption of sustainable technologies can contribute to the conservation of the environment and, in turn, offer efficient and economical solutions to customers.

The removal of gas and the adoption of systems such as aerothermal heating, high-energy efficiency air conditioning, and water treatment are fundamental measures to achieve comprehensive and sustainable climate control.

In addition, these systems offer users greater comfort, greater energy efficiency, and significant economic savings.

At Karma Clima, we are committed to adopting sustainable technologies and work every day to offer our customers the most efficient and tailored solutions to their needs.

If you are interested in adopting these technologies in your home or business, do not hesitate to contact us at Karma Clima. We will be happy to help you find the best solution for your needs.