To ensure the best well-being in your home, trust Karma

Under its new name, this air conditioning company located in Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro has increased its advisory and after-sales services, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

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Acquired in 2019 by Brígido Sepúlveda, a professional with extensive experience in the sector as the owner of a national reference company in projects and technical services for the high-end residential market, the old Easy-Clima offices in Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro now look under the name of Karma – Air Conditioning Solutions. A new name that also responds to the change of management and important innovations in its customer services, highlighting the guarantees of its after-sales service.

Karma’s manager, Javier Lara, explains the main innovations in the company, which involve increasing its participation in the entire process related to the installation of air conditioning systems in the home, in addition to the guarantees for its subsequent operation. “Our generic service begins from the initial technical advice, working directly with the project manager, architect or final client to support the design of the house, collaborating from the beginning of the project, to fit the facilities into the design with the aim of achieving an executable final product “Today, most of the installations that we execute, such as air conditioning, underfloor heating, sanitary hot water (ACS), solar panels and ventilation, must be fitted both aesthetically and technically. The specific details of where the water or the pipes go may not interest the end customer as much, but the architect does when designing the house”, Javier explains. “This is one of the new facets of work that we have included since the new management. Even so, it is a service that we offer, but at the same time, we work with projects designed with the possibility of optimizing their execution”.

“In the installation phase, whether for new construction or renovation, we work with the best brands such as Daikin, for which we are the official technical service and are accredited as master installers,” says the Karma manager. “We are talking about a brand of great quality and guarantee in our sector. And if in air conditioning and renewable energies we have Daikin, in underfloor heating we talk about Uponor; in control, Airzone, and in ventilation we work with both Siber and Soler&Palau. In other words, we have the leading brands in each sector”.

Regarding the installation work, Javier confirms that at Karma they work both for large works and also for the commercial and domestic sphere. “In other words, our market covers both new construction and comprehensive reform of properties with a certain complexity, as well as the installation or replacement of existing air conditioning systems in multi-family, single-family or apartment-type properties.”

“To complete the circle, we have our after-sales service. We are currently an official Daikin technical service from Barbate to Estepona, classified as specialized technicians for the Sky Air domestic system, and recently also for the Altherma aerothermal system, a high-efficiency comprehensive air conditioning system that combines air conditioning, heating and domestic hot water. In Sotogrande, we are finding more and more this Altherma aerothermal system. There is an upward trend due to the increase in energy costs and awareness of efficiency and care for the environment in requests to replace existing conventional systems (gas boilers, electric water heaters, etc.), with this aerothermal system. During the last semester, in Valgrande, El Polo or “Los Lacasitos” we are replacing various gas and electric boilers with this system”, confirms Javier.

“We give the customer the assurance that, from the beginning of the process with the preliminary design until the installation is finished and during the time that they use it, they will always have a company with specialized technicians trained by Daikin who will respond to any circumstance that arises from the system that we have installed”, explains the manager of the company. “That is why we say that our after-sales service is ‘the key’ to Karma, because of the guarantee and confidence that we offer the client with this way of working that we are implementing in the first year of this new stage”

During this time, Javier confirms that during this year loyal customers are also noticing the change that Karma’s new stage entails. “The client was used to receiving only an installation service, but now we have made prior advice as well as, above all, post-sales service priorities, for which we have tripled the number of technicians”.

“Carrying out this follow-up and any action that is needed in installations that we have done and in whose design our technicians have collaborated previously, is a peace of mind for us”, Javier acknowledges. “But that, in the end, also generates a plus of confidence and tranquility in the client.”