A climate control and heating project for Villa Vespeta, a luxurious single-family home developed in 2021 by the prestigious Grupo Polo. This project, focused on energy efficiency and comfort, features a selection of ACS, underfloor heating, control, and air conditioning systems in Marbella.

Mini VRV IV Air Conditioning – Daikin Heat Pump

Air Conditioning in Marbella

In Villa Vespeta, the Mini VRV IV air conditioning system with Daikin heat pump was implemented, a strategic choice to ensure a comfortable indoor environment throughout the year. This leading solution in Marbella’s climate control is known for its efficiency and ability to provide high-quality climate control and heating. Daikin’s heat pump technology optimizes energy efficiency, resulting in lower energy consumption and reduced costs.

Althermas R410A Daikin Underfloor Heating and Uponor Underfloor Heating:

For consistent and pleasant heating in all areas of Villa Vespeta, two underfloor heating systems were selected: Daikin’s Althermas R410A underfloor heating and Uponor underfloor heating. Both systems provide efficient heat distribution, enhancing the residents’ comfort.

ACS with Daikin’s Integrated 260-Liter Althermas:

The supply of hot water is addressed with Daikin’s Integrated 260-liter Althermas system. This solution ensures a continuous flow of high-quality hot water for the daily needs of Villa Vespeta’s occupants.

Airzone Home Automation Control:

Air Conditioning in Marbella

As a key component of the project, an advanced home automation control system, Airzone, was incorporated. This system allows for efficient and personalized climate control in Marbella and heating in Villa Vespeta, resulting in greater energy savings and enhanced comfort for the residents. Additionally, Airzone offers integration capabilities with other home systems, providing comprehensive centralized control.

ACS, Control, Underfloor Heating, and Air Conditioning in Marbella for Villa Vespeta:

Villa Vespeta, an exceptional creation by Grupo Polo in 2021, exemplifies how the careful selection of ACS, control, underfloor heating, and air conditioning systems in Marbella can transform a single-family home into an oasis of comfort and energy efficiency. The combination of Mini VRV IV air conditioning with Daikin Heat Pump, Althermas R410A and Uponor underfloor heating, Daikin’s Integrated ACS system, and the Airzone home automation control system ensures an optimal indoor environment throughout the seasons while reducing energy consumption.

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