Maintenance services

Extending the life and maintaining the efficiency of your air conditioning, heating and hot water systems depend largely on a good maintenance service.

Regularly carrying out checks of the condition of the entire system is essential for it to work safe and efficiently.

Karma Clima takes care of the maintenance of air conditioning systems in households, as well as small and large business spaces, in order to check their condition and avoid possible breakdowns. A good maintenance results in money and energy saving.

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At Karma Clima our team of experts have a broad experience in maintenance services.

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A well-maintained system results in energy savings and minimised environmental damage.

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Maintenance costs are lower than breakdown ones. Save money and earn peace of mind.



Our technicians will help you choose the most affordable and useful, that is, the best option based on your needs.

Price list
Refrigeration technician85€/h VAT INCLUDED
Back-up technician (if applicable)65€/h VAT INCLUDED
Travel expenses 5-20km25€/h VAT INCLUDED
Travel expenses over 20km35€/h VAT INCLUDED
  • The first hour of work will be invoiced in full, and from then on 30-minute fractions apply.
  • Minimum service invoiced: 1 hour (labour and travel expenses).