In this section, you will find some of the air conditioning solutions projects in Sotogrande and other projects involving aerothermal systems, air renewal, and much more. Our company specializes in providing efficient and customized air conditioning systems to create comfortable and pleasant spaces in any environment. Whether you need to climate control your home, office, or business, we have a highly qualified team of experts who will design and implement the perfect solution for your needs. We strive to combine the latest air conditioning technology with a sustainable approach, offering an ideal balance between comfort and energy efficiency. Trust Karma Clima to bring the perfect climate to your space in Sotogrande.

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Altos de Puente Romano: A Comprehensive Villa Project in Marbella

Altos de Puente Romano, a Marbella villa project, is a magnificent endeavor […]

Sotogrande Climate Control Project: Rehabilitation of the Encinar Hotel

This ambitious project, carried out between 2022 and 2023, focuses on the […]

Villa Vespeta: ACS, Underfloor Heating, Control, and Air Conditioning in Marbella

A climate control and heating project for Villa Vespeta, a luxurious single-family […]

Air conditioning in Marbella. Construction project in Altos de los Monteros

Construction project in Altos de los Monteros, Marbella: a complete and integrated […]

Construction project in El Madroñal, Benahavís

Air conditioning is a fundamental aspect to consider in any construction project, […]

Ventilation and air renewal of the R2 Padel Court in San Roque

Ventilation and air renewal are fundamental aspects in any type of installation, […]

Aerotermia in Sotogrande: Sustainable technology project

Discover our new aerothermal project in Sotogrande: removal of gas to make […]

New Proyect: Karma Office

To ensure the best well-being in your home, trust Karma Under its […]